CBD and food

CBD in your dishes, industrial food with cannabidiol, but what fly has bitten the cooks ? CBD is now inviting itself in your plates. Fad, commercial idea, or real culinary interest, all our answers in this article.

cookies and CBD leaf

CBD in food

As for all successful products, CBD (cannabidiol) is available in a multitude of products. Food products are no exception to the rule, many stores, and even food stores (organic) that offer it. 

Whether you buy CBD food products to consume on the go, such as CBD candies with a mint, lemon or honey taste, whether you fall for a CBD chocolate bar on your couch in front of a good movie, or whether you opt for a cannabidiol infusion by the fire, you will have a pleasant and unusual moment. But are you going to take advantage of all the virtues of CBD, by consuming it in this form?

What is CBD ?

CBD or cannabidiol is a molecule found in the flowers of the industrial hemp (Cannabis Sativa). This large plant, which can reach 5 meters, has been cultivated by man for thousands of years. Hemp was used for its very resistant fibers, which were used to make clothes and ropes. It was also used for food, because its seeds are rich in nutrients, and allow to obtain a nourishing oil (the seeds do not contain CBD). Finally, hemp was used for its flowers rich in CBD, and THC. Nowadays, hemp has been selected to contain no more THC, the European regulation, prohibits all hemp whose THC content would exceed the limit of 0.2%. The products we recommend do not contain THC.

Why consume CBD ?

Natural substance, used since time immemorial by humanity, CBD has many benefits :

  • CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory to treat inflammation, as demonstrated by some in vivo studies (BUCCELLATO et al. 2011, MECHA, et al. 2013, KOZELA et al. 2013, RIBEIRO et al. 2012). This is the reason why it enters the diet of athletes, and people suffering from inflammatory diseases.
  • CBD is a natural painkiller, research has shown that it is as effective as a conventional painkiller in relieving pain.
  • CBD reduces stress and anxiety, making it easier to face difficult times without being knocked out. You are better able to face your problems.
  • CBD is a valuable aid to improve your sleep. If your nights are difficult with very early morning awakenings, CBD will help you to have a longer and deeper sleep.

CBD oil and hemp seeds

CBD in your food ?

Since time immemorial, hemp, and more particularly its seeds, have been part of the human diet, it is only more recently that the idea of incorporating CBD from the flowers has emerged. However, before you start cooking with CBD, you should know that the absorption of cannabidiol by the body is not as good when CBD is ingested through food as it is with CBD oil used under the tongue. Some of the CBD can be broken down by gastric juices.

When you use a sublingual CBD oil, the cannabidiol will pass through the oral mucosa and go directly into the circulation. You then get the benefits of CBD, almost without loss.

The idea of adding CBD to food is fun and will always have an effect on your guests, but it is not the method to use on a daily basis if you want to get the most out of your cannabidiol. On the other hand, CBD oil is not devoid of food quality, since it is rich in omega-3 and -6, minerals and vitamins. Moreover, it will bring to your dishes, the subtle taste of hemp, which will not fail to surprise your guests.

How to use CBD in cooking ?

You prefer to make your own CBD dishes and drinks? There is nothing easier, get one of our excellent CBD oils, and let your creativity speak. Pouring a few drops in your preparations is much easier and tastier than using CBD flowers or resin. It is more judicious to use the flowers in infusion, even if the effectiveness of a CBD flowers infusion is quite relative. For the use of the oil in cooking, you can incorporate it in fruit and vegetable juices, a smoothie, or a hot drink. You can also put a few drops on your ice cream, or your favorite cakes. It is so easy to use CBD oil in cooking. The amount will depend on your taste, start with a few drops the first time, and increase depending on the flavor you want.

Some rules to follow :

  • Whenever possible, mix your oil with another fat, when you make your recipes, so that the cannabinoids are dispersed in your preparation. Depending on your food, you can add butter, dairy, honey, chocolate, or other vegetable oils.
  • Prefer a low temperature cooking of the food, in order to preserve all the food qualities of the products. CBD is sensitive to heat, so beware of heat stroke.

Use sparingly. Hemp has a subtle but particular taste. It is therefore advisable to start gently, in order to better apprehend the aroma of hemp.


How to choose your CBD oil

Here are our tips for finding the best CBD oil

Know the extraction process of cannabinoids

There are 3 techniques to extract CBD from hemp (Cannabis Sativa) :

  • Supercritical CO2 extraction : this method is expensive, but also perfectly clean. It has been used for many years in several industries, food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical. It allows to isolate with precision, the desired molecule(s) while preserving their properties. The extraction temperature being very low, the molecules sensitive to heat like phytocannabinoids (CBD, CBG, etc.), and terpenes are protected. The quality of the oil obtained by this process is incomparable, because the product is perfectly pure. This is the only method we recommend.
  • The extraction of CBD by vegetable oils : the cannabidiol is extracted from the flowers thanks to vegetable oils (hemp oil, olive oil, sesame oil, etc.). The CBD will take full advantage of the nutritional properties of each of these oils. Unfortunately, this method is not very effective, and the final product is poor in active ingredients.
  • Solvent extraction : very inexpensive, this method of extracting CBD should be avoided. Solvent extraction is done with isopropyl alcohol, butane, propane, or ethanol. It very regularly leaves residues in the final product. We have a very negative opinion on oils produced by this technique because of the risks of contamination by solvents.

Is your CBD broad spectrum ?

There are a lot of CBD products available today, candies, balms, oils, etc.. The merchants never lack imagination to surprise, but it is sometimes complicated to make its choice in front of all the proposed articles. Do not fall into the trap of buying a cheap product, and be careful, always looking to see if your CBD is broad spectrum, and organic. You will then benefit from the entourage effect. In herbal medicine, the entourage effect refers to the synergy of all the substances contained in the plant, here hemp (Cannabis Sativa), cannabinoids (CBD, CBG, CBN, etc.), but also flavonoids and terpenes. This set working for better effects on the body. You are now aware of the cannabidiol and its use! We wish you to take full advantage of the remarkable benefits of CBD.

Chocolate and CBD cakes