How to sleep better with CBD

Improving sleep with CBD

You've been in bed for more than an hour now, you turn around and go back to bed watching your alarm clock, as if hypnotized by the minutes that pass without you being able to get to sleep... Already imagining the difficult day that is about to follow. Perhaps you are part of the not very closed group of the 40% of French people who declare suffering from sleep disorders! So if you want to sleep better and overcome your insomnia, read these few lines !


All doctors agree : sleep is health ! A good night's rest is what we need. And since we spend almost a third of our life in bed, we might as well make this period restorative. Because sleep is the most complete form of rest for the body. It allows the body to recover, both mentally and physically.

Several studies have shown that a poor quality/quantity of sleep promotes stress, the risk of irritability, hypertension, infection or depressive symptoms, and even weight gain. Insomnia is the enemy of good health and even impacts our immune system. According to INSERM (National Institute of Health and Medical Research), we sleep 1h30 less than we did 50 years ago. And we all have a fairly precise idea of the influence that even one hour less sleep can have. On a 24-hour day, it is sometimes impossible to find extra sleep. So if we can't act on quantity, let's act on quality !

Several solutions are available to you, and the one we offer is 100% natural and without side effects. A quick and simple gesture for a restful sleep! A few drops of oil of CBD resulting from Sativa Hemp and your nights will find all the softness which they deserve.

Why is it so important to sleep well ?

During sleep, one recovers mentally, physically and muscularly, the body relaxes. Several hormones are released during this time of rest, such as growth hormone (hGH) which participates in cell renewal, and melatonin which directs our internal clock, our rhythms of life.

Sleep is organized in 4 phases :

1st phase: the falling asleep phase

At this moment, you are there, present, but you feel yourself leaving, your eyes close on their own. You are still awake, but you are less and less aware of your environment and the noises that surround you. Your mind slows down, little by little...

2nd phase: light slow wave sleep

It is a light, shallow sleep. Studies have shown that it accounts for about 50% of sleep time per night. During this time, a noise, a smell, or a glow can still wake you up.

3rd phase: deep slow wave sleep

At this stage you are in a bubble, isolated from the outside world by your deep sleep. Your brain and whole body are recovering. You release tension and fatigue. It is difficult to wake up at this stage. Deep sleep accounts for about 20 to 25% of your resting time.

REM sleep

This phase is called REM sleep, because it is characterized by signs of deep sleep, and at the same time signs of wakefulness. The brain is in turmoil, the eyes move rapidly under the eyelids. The dreams you will remember will have taken place during this time.

Sleep cycles

The 4 phases represent a cycle, the duration of which is about 90 minutes. Each night, you go through 4 to 6 of these cycles, and depending on the time of night, the duration of some phases may vary. For example, at the beginning of rest the duration of deep sleep is more important, then in the second part, and until waking up, light and REM sleep will take more place in the cycles. It is the repetition of these cycles during your rest and a good quality of sleep that will allow your body to recover from its day and evacuate pain, stress and anxiety. You wake up feeling great.

Unfortunately, things are not always that easy, and when a small grain of sand gets lodged in the gears of your sleep, you quickly feel your energy melting like sun snow.

What if the CBD helps you sleep better ?

Do you sleep badly, or do you want to improve the quality of your rest even more? Cannabidiol (CBD) can help you in a natural way. A simple gesture of half a spoonful of CBD hemp oil morning and evening could help you to regain the energy you are lacking. There are several reasons that make CBD a precious ally in finding the arms of Morpheus. CBD hemp oil, as well as all the products rich in cannabidiol that we offer, is guaranteed THC-free (no psychotropic effect).

CBD has a soothing effect on anxiety.

The effects of stress are well known to cause insomnia. Anxiety is one of the major factors leading to sleep disorders. Several studies have shown that cannabidiol (CBD), associated with other cannabinoids derived from hemp (Cannabis Sativa), was useful in the treatment of anxiety disorders, even at low doses. (SHANNON et al. 2017)

When you consume a little CBD hemp oil every day, you significantly reduce your stress, support your endocannabinoid system and sleep better.

The CBD increases the total time of somming.

A study published in 2013 (CHAGAS et al.) showed in animal models that CBD prolongs total sleep time. The NSF (National Sleep Foundation) published a study that allowed it to determine the ideal number of hours of sleep according to age groups. Newborns are, unsurprisingly, the ones who need the most sleep, with no less than 14 to 17 hours being necessary for them to grow well. Children and teenagers will need 8 to 10 hours of rest. Adults and young adults will need 7 to 9 hours of sleep to be in good shape. Senior citizens (over 65 years old) need the least amount of sleep, with 7 to 8 hours of sleep. Every person is different, but if waking up too early in the morning is a source of fatigue, then CBD oil (Cannabis Sativa, always THC free) can help you prolong your time under the comforter.

CBD acts on deep sleep.

The same study concluded that cannabidiol (CBD) intensifies the deep sleep phase. As we have deep sleep corresponds to the third phase. During this period the brain functions in slow motion and the sleeper is isolated from the rest of the world, deeply drowsy. This is the most recuperating moment, the body relaxes and evacuates the fatigue accumulated during the day. Extremely beneficial to the proper functioning of our gray matter, because during this phase it detoxifies and evacuates the waste that clogs it.