Which CBD to buy in Belgium ?

In Belgium, CBD is becoming increasingly popular, with all generations throughout the country. The CBD (cannabidiol) is known for its many virtues, and everyone can find his account, the small ones, as the adults. But in front of all the items offered in stores, or online, it is sometimes complicated to make a choice. Kannabay will guide you, so that you can find the quality CBD that is made for you.

Which CBD to buy in Belgium ?

What is CBD ?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a cannabinoid (a molecule) derived from industrial hemp (Cannabis Sativa). Hemp contains a multitude of cannabinoids, more than 146, and CBD is the one with the highest concentration. Be careful not to confuse CBD and THC. THC, is the molecule of the recreational Cannabis (Cannabis Indica) which makes high. Its consumption is prohibited in most countries, in Belgium, as in France, and in other European states. Nowadays, CBD products must have a THC level lower than 0.2%. This level is considered by the authorities as negligible on the human body. At Kannabay, we only offer products without THC. Currently scientists around the world are studying with great attention the therapeutic potential of CBD, and its mechanism of action in the human body. The discovery of the endocannabinoid system in 1988 is a major factor in this.

The Endocannabinoid System

By studying the different products of cannabis such as THC and CBD on health, a group of scientists discovered the endocannabinoid system, a network of receptors, biochemical pathways and enzymes, responsible for the manufacture by our body of cannabinoids, the endocannabinoids. This system works with receptors scattered throughout the body, CBD has the ability to bind with them, and can therefore participate in its proper functioning. The endocannabinoid system is a signaling system that plays a very important role in regulating the balance of the human body and vertebrates. It is involved in a large number of functions, such as neuronal development and plasticity, immune function, appetite regulation, metabolism and energy regulation, cognition, memory, pain, sleep, etc.

How is hemp (Cannabis Sativa) cultivated ?

In Belgium, the cultivation of hemp is mainly located in Wallonia. Hemp has been cultivated in the open fields (outdoor) for thousands of years, it is the natural method par excellence. Most of the CBD products that you will find in your store or online are made from hemp grown in the open air, whose flowers have been able to soak up the sun. The outdoor culture, is the most natural, is the least polluting, it is the one which, in our opinion is to choose to preserve the environment.

There is also an indoor culture. Great consumer of electricity, the culture of the hemp (Cannabis Sativa) indoor, or farm of Cannabis makes it possible not to worry about the code of nature and the climatic risks, and to thus obtain a uniform production all the year. The rate of humidity, the light, the nutrients, all is controlled by computer. We are here in an industrial production, despite its beautiful name of farm, sometimes disconnected from nature.

Why consume CBD ?

CBD (cannabidiol) is a substance found naturally in hemp. Far from the image associated with recreational cannabis rich in THC, quality CBD oil has many health benefits. Some consumers use it to treat a wide variety of symptoms.

  • CBD & pain

A scientific study released in 2019, shows the pain relieving properties of cannabidiol. CBD, was as effective as a conventional painkiller in treating pain in the short term. The CBD molecule has virtues against all forms of pain.

  • CBD & inflammation

Several research groups have shown that CBD naturally has significant anti-inflammatory effects. These effects are highly sought after by people suffering from generalized or localized inflammation because they can effectively manage muscle or joint pain.

  • CBD & stress and anxiety

A study dating from 2013, conducted on 48 patients suffering from anxiety disorders has highlighted the anxiolytic effects of CBD, even at low doses.

The cannabidiol allows to fight anxiety, and states of stress. Researchers believe that it could also help fight against post-traumatic stress, panic attacks, and OCD.

CBD products

In Belgium, as in France or Switzerland, since the legalization of the sale of CBD, you can find in stores or online, all sorts of products with varying prices and quality, it is not always easy to know which are the best. We will guide you to find the products that are made for you:

  • CBD oil : Very popular CBD oil, is very easy to use, a graduated pipette, allows you to find the dosage you need, you just have to put a few drops under your tongue, let it act for a few minutes, and swallow. The bottles of CBD oil are available in different sizes, ranging from 10 to 30 milliliters. The CBD oil, is the star of both physical stores, and online stores.
  • CBD gum : Always at hand, CBD gum (cannabis sativa), is perfect for those hard times, or a good boost in your day. The gum is placed in the mouth, and over time will release the CBD directly against the oral mucosa, allowing for excellent bioavailability.
  • CBD flowers : Used as an herbal tea, or to smoke, CBD flowers deliver a hemp-like flavor, but with a strong cannabis smell. Always buy flowers with a THC level lower than 0.2%, in order not to be outlawed. Note that the THC level allowed in Switzerland is 1%, which is 5 times the level recommended in Belgium and Switzerland. The rate of CBD, in the flowers, is not of the most important, it is one of the reasons for which we do not recommend them to the purchase.
  • The CBD balms : Perfect to fight muscular pains, articular, or certain problems of skin, the CBD balms must never be far in case of need, and if you do not have any more, quickly call your favorite online store for a fast delivery.
  • The liquid (E-liquid) : This is a CBD oil concentrate to smoke. Unfortunately, it is sometimes difficult to know precisely all the components of the liquid when you buy it, and therefore the quality of the product. In our opinion, it is necessary to be cautious when you want to buy it.
  • Etc.


Our advice to buy quality CBD in Belgium

You want to buy CBD in Belgium, but you hesitate between different products (CBD oil, gum, flowers, etc.), but also the mode of production, outdoor or indoor? A purchase in store, or online with delivery ? A nice promo, with an attractive price? It is sometimes difficult to find your way around, so here are our tips for buying quality CBD in Belgium.

Learn about the origin of hemp (Cannabis Sativa)

Cannabidiol, is derived from the flowers of industrial Hemp. If you want to buy the best CBD, find out where the plant comes from :

  • In which country or region is it produced ? According to the code of culture, certain phytosanitary products can be used or not.
  • What is the quality of the soil in which the plant grows ? If the soil is poor in nutrients, then the hemp will not be able to produce beautiful flowers rich in CBD.
  • Is it organic? Hemp purifies the soil, so it is important that the products that might be used during the growth of the plant are organic, so as not to pollute the plant, the soil, and your body.

Learn about the extraction process

Before being exposed on a shelf of your shop, or on the internet page of an online delivery store, your CBD oil has undergone a few manufacturing steps on which the quality of the finished product greatly depends, of which one of the most critical, is the extraction method. There are 3 of them.

  • Solvent extraction : The least expensive method to extract CBD from a hemp flower, but that is its only quality. Solvent extraction (isopropyl alcohol, butane, propane, ethanol), often leaves residues in the finished product. We have an unfavorable opinion on this oil, and we advise you against buying it.
  • The extraction of CBD by vegetable oil : CBD is extracted from the flowers using a vegetable oil (hemp oil, olive oil, sesame oil). The CBD will thus be able to benefit from the nutritive properties of each of these oils, but unfortunately this method is not very effective, and the product obtained is relatively poor in CBD.
  • Supercritical CO2 extraction : This is the most expensive method, and has been used since the early 1980s in the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries to extract certain molecules from plants. It allows to isolate, and to take with a perfect precision, the desired molecule(s) while keeping all the properties which make its particularity. The extraction temperature is low, the molecules sensitive to heat such as phytocannabinoids (CBD, CBG, etc.), and terpenes are preserved. The quality of the oil obtained by this process is strongly superior to other methods, because the product is pure. This is the only method we recommend.

Choose a broad spectrum product

Today, in Belgium, France, Switzerland, and everywhere in Europe, you can find a multitude of CBD oils, gums, or balms. The stores are never short of ideas, and when buying, it is sometimes complicated to make a choice in front of all these items. Do not fall into the trap by buying a product displayed in promotion, and be attentive, by always looking if your CBD oil is well with broad spectrum, you will be able to then benefit from the effect of entourage. Perfectly known in phytotherapy, the entourage effect designates the synergy of all the elements contained in a hemp plant (Cannabis Sativa), the cannabinoids (CBD, CBG, CBN, etc.), but also the flavonoids and terpenes. This set working for better therapeutic effects.


With all our advice you are ready to buy the right CBD oil product in Belgium. As a reminder, when you buy online or in a shop, be sure to check :

  • The amount in Mg of CBD (cannabidiol) per serving
  • The origin of the hemp or flowers (Belgium, France, Switzerland or USA)
  • The nature, is the product organic?
  • The method of extraction
  • The guarantees of quality
  • Is the oil broad spectrum or not