Which CBD to buy in Luxembourg ?

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is experiencing the same craze around CBD products as its neighboring countries. CBD stores are blooming there like Cannabis flowers, and in front of the profusion of articles containing CBD, it is sometimes difficult to make a choice when buying. You want to buy the best cannabidiol products in Luxembourg ? Kannabay gives you its best tips and reviews to buy quality CBD oils.

Which CBD to buy in Luxembourg ?

CBD in Luxembourg

CBD is a great success, the World Health Organization, like many other organizations has confirmed the interest of CBD, and its safety. CBD, or cannabidiol is the cannabinoid whose concentration is the most important in Cannabis Sativa. It is known for its anxiolytic, anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective, immunomodulatory, and anti-epileptic effects, supported by pre-clinical and clinical evidence. CBD's safety profile, and the fact that it does not cause psychoactive effects commonly associated with THC, has greatly contributed to its popularity.

In Europe, Luxembourg was the first country to make CBD (cannabidiol) legal, followed by France, Belgium, Switzerland, and Germany, making it the European pioneer of THC-free cannabis consumption. To speak of THC-free cannabis is not entirely accurate, as up to 0.3% is allowed in CBD products sold by Luxembourg shops. This level of THC is considered negligible, and having no psychotropic effect as the presence of THC is insignificant. As a comparison, in Switzerland the CBD is legal until a rate being able to reach 0,99 % of THC, whereas France on its side is not of the same opinion, and prohibits to exceed 0,2 % of THC. The different countries are still not on the same wavelength. If the rate contained in the product is beyond what the current code provides, then it will no longer be legal, and its producer will have to destroy the goods.


The cultivation of hemp in Luxembourg

The CBD products that you can find in stores or online, are made from an oil derived from the flowers of hemp (Cannabis Sativa). For several years Luxembourg, puts the cultivation of hemp in the wind, with the ambition to give a boost to this industry that had suffered a witch hunt, orchestrated by the lobbies of cotton, and chemicals, especially in the United States in the thirties. Today, we observe a revival of hemp in many European countries, and all over the world, linked not only to an environmental awareness, but also to health. Today, the area under hemp cultivation in Luxembourg represents 12,500 hectares, which is less than 0.05% of the country's agricultural area, and should increase significantly in importance in the coming years. Hemp has a bright future in Luxembourg.

How is CBD made ?

Before being carefully stored on the shelves of a store, or on the front page of an online shop, your CBD oils have had an eventful journey. CBD is extracted from the flowers of the hemp plant (Cannabis sativa) by various means, each of which has an influence on the final quality of the product, and its price :

  • CBD extraction by vegetable oil: Cannabidiol is extracted from the flowers with a vegetable oil, such as sesame oil, hemp oil, or olive oil. The CBD will then benefit from the nutritional quality of each of these oils. However, this method of extraction is not very efficient, and the product obtained contains little CBD.
  • The extraction by solvents : This very inexpensive method is used to extract CBD from a flower using various solvents, such as isopropyl alcohol, propane, butane, or ethanol. Unfortunately, it often leaves traces of these products in the final solution. Our opinion is not very favorable and we do not recommend the purchase of these products.
  • Supercritical CO2 extraction : This method is the most expensive, it is used since the early eighties in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic industry to extract precisely molecules from plants. It allows to isolate, and to take with delicacy, the desired molecule(s) by preserving all the properties which its own. The low temperature of extraction protects the molecules sensitive to heat like phytocannabinoids (CBD, CBG, etc.), and terpenes. The quality of the oil obtained by this process is incomparably superior to others, because the product is rigorously pure. This is the only method we recommend.

Why consume CBD ? 

Cannabidiol is a substance found naturally in hemp flowers. Far from the image associated with THC-rich and psychoactive recreational cannabis, high quality CBD oil has many health benefits. Some consumers use it to treat symptoms of all kinds.

  • CBD & stress and anxiety

A 2013 study conducted on more than 48 patients suffering from anxiety disorders showed the anxiolytic effects of CBD, even at low doses.

Cannabidiol can therefore combat anxiety and stress. Researchers believe that it could also help fight against post-traumatic stress, panic attacks, and OCD, etc.

  • CBD & pain

A scientific study published in 2019, was able to note the pain relieving properties of cannabidiol. The CBD, was as effective as a painkiller classically used to treat pain in the short term. The CBD molecule has virtues against all forms of pain.

  • CBD & inflammation

Several research groups have shown that CBD naturally has significant and sustained anti-inflammatory effects. These effects are highly sought after by people suffering from generalized or localized inflammation because they can effectively manage muscle or joint pain.

Which CBD to buy in Luxembourg ?

How to choose your CBD oils ?

You want to buy CBD in Luxembourg, either in a store or online, but you hesitate between different products (CBD oil, flowers, gums, etc.), but also the mode of production, indoor, outdoor, or greenhouse ? A purchase online with delivery, or in store ? A nice promo, with an attractive price? It is sometimes difficult to find your way around. But we now know that it is important to choose oils whose CBD is extracted from flowers by the method of Supercritical CO2, then here are the other important criteria :

Learn about the origin of hemp

CBD is derived from the flowers of the Cannabis Sativa plant. To buy a high quality CBD, we recommend that you find out where the plant comes from :

  • In which country is it grown ? Depending on the local growing code, harmful pesticides may or may not be allowed.
  • What is the quality of the soil in which the cannabis plant grows ? If the soil is nourishing, then the hemp will produce beautiful CBD-rich flowers.
  • Is it organic ? Hemp is a soil purifier, so it is important that any products that might be used during the growth of the plant are organic, so as not to pollute the plant, and the soil.

Choose a broad spectrum product

Today, in Switzerland, France and Luxembourg, there is a multitude of CBD oils, gums, creams or balms. The stores have a lot of imagination, and at the time of purchase, it is sometimes difficult to make a choice in front of all these items. Don't fall for the marketing hype by falling for a promotional product. Be attentive, and always look if your CBD oils are with broad spectrum, you will then be able to benefit fully from the effect of entourage. Much sought after in phytotherapy, the entourage effect refers to the synergy of all the elements produced in the plant (Cannabis Sativa), cannabinoids (CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC etc.), but also terpenes and flavonoids. This set favors the best therapeutic effects.

Which CBD to buy in Luxembourg ?

CBD products

In Luxembourg, as in France or Switzerland, since the legalization of the sale of CBD, you can find in stores or online, all sorts of products with extremely variable prices and quality, it is not always easy to know which are the best. We will guide you to find the products that are made for you :

  • CBD oil : Very popular CBD oil, is easy to use, a graduated pipette allows you to find the dosage you need, then you put a few drops under your tongue, leaving it on for a few minutes, before swallowing. CBD oil bottles are available in several sizes, ranging from 10 to 30 milliliters. The CBD oil in bottle, is the star of the physical stores, as well as the online stores.
  • CBD gums : Here is a very practical format to always have CBD with you, CBD gums (cannabis Sativa), are perfect for hard times, or a good boost at any time of day. The gum is placed in the mouth, and will gradually diffuse the CBD directly against the oral mucosa for good bioavailability.
  • CBD flowers : Used in herbal tea, or to smoke, CBD flowers deliver the characteristic flavor of hemp, but with a strong smell of Cannabis. Always remember to buy flowers with a THC level lower than 0.2%, in order not to be outlawed. Note that the THC level allowed in Luxembourg is 0.3%. The rate of CBD, in the flowers, is not very concentrated, it is one of the reasons for which we do not recommend them to the purchase.
  • The CBD balms : Perfect to fight muscular pains, articular, and certain problems of skin, the balms with CBD must always be with range in case of need, and if you do not have any more, quickly call upon your preferred online store for a fast delivery.
  • The liquid (E-liquid) : This is a concentrate of CBD oil to smoke. Unfortunately, it is sometimes difficult to know precisely all the components of the liquid when you buy it, and therefore the quality of the product. In our opinion, it is necessary to be cautious when you want to buy it.
  • Etc.


With all these good tips you are ready to buy the products you need. As a reminder, when you buy by delivery or in a store, be sure to check :

  • The amount in milligrams or grams of CBD per serving and per day.
  • The origin of the hemp or flowers (Luxembourg, Switzerland, France, USA)
  • The nature, organic or not?
  • The quality guarantees of the manufacturer
  • The method of extraction from the flowers
  • Is the oil broad spectrum or not ?