Which CBD to buy in France ?

Oils, candies, infusions, E-liquids, creams ... The consumption of CBD, is possible in a wide variety of forms. Often mistakenly equated with recreational cannabis, its use and effects are however quite different. But then, CBD is what exactly, and why use it ? Kannabay reveals everything you need to know about CBD: legislation, effects, mode of administration, but also how to choose quality products in France.

Which CBD to buy in France ?


Is CBD legal in France ?

The last few months have not been easy for the CBD industry in France, where there was a lot of confusion around the legalization of certain products containing CBD (cannabidiol) and particularly hemp flowers (Cannabis Sativa). Indeed, on December 31, 2021, the Council of State adopted an order to prohibit the marketing of flowers and leaves with CBD. Thus the "shop" was no longer allowed to sell these products very popular, and consumers to buy. The reason invoked by the State, was the difficulty to differentiate the flowers of recreational cannabis (psychotropic) rich in THC, by the authorities, from those of the flowers of CBD, since they present the same aspect.

But in January 2022, the Council of State reverses its position, and suspends the order of Article R5132-86 of the Public Health Code. CBD flowers with a THC content of less than 0.2% are again available for purchase.

Other products, such as CBD oil, infusions, candies, etc., were not affected by this order, it is quite legal to buy in France, if like flowers, their THC level is less than 0.2%.

It is interesting to note a certain disparity around the rate of THC in Europe. For example, in our Belgian neighbors this rate is a little higher (0.3%), and up to 5 times more in Switzerland, where it reaches 1%. It is likely that France will change its mind about this, and also raise this limit to 0.3% in the coming months.

What is the difference between THC and CBD ?

CBD and THC are two molecules that occur naturally in cannabis. Cannabis is a family of plants with 3 sub-genera :

  • Cannabis Sativa also called industrial hemp, it is very rich in CBD (cannabidiol), and very poor in THC (less than 0.2% in France)
  • Cannabis Indica or marijuana, it is the cannabis with psychotropic effects, it is poor in CBD, but very rich in THC. Consuming or smoking this plant is prohibited by law
  • Cannabis Ruderalis, very little used because low in CBD and THC

CBD and THC are cannabinoids, and they have the capacity to activate certain receptors present in the organism, as well in the man, as in the vertebrate animals.

The consumption of THC causes psychotropic effects. Indeed, marijuana has effects on several organs and functions of the body. These effects depend on the dose consumed, but can also vary according to the individual. Consumers are mainly looking for the euphoric effect of Indica cannabis, as well as the reduction of anxiety. Some effects can be more or less dangerous for the individual, such as a decrease in vigilance, impudence, loss of memory, and dangerous behavior.

CBD on the other hand is not psychotropic, and it is considered by the World Health Organization (WHO, December 14, 2017) as a safe product.


The cultivation of hemp in France

In France, the cultivation of hemp (Cannabis Sativa) knows, without bad play of words in frank success and the cultivated surfaces did not cease increasing since the beginning of the Nineties, to reach in 2022, 21 700 ha. Some historians believe that hemp was the first plant domesticated by man. It was then used for its nutritional properties, but also to make fabrics and ropes, thanks to the quality of its fibers. Over the centuries, many other uses were discovered, and today there are no less than 600 products derived from hemp. France is innovating in this field and has, for example, filed patents after the creation of a concrete made of hemp. The products based on hemp are numerous, oil and flowers in the field of CBD, oil without CBD for the kitchen, bedding for animals made of hemp straw, insulation for houses, etc. With about 300 full-time employees, the Cannabis Sativa industry remains modest, but the dynamism of its field, and the regular creation of new products, promises a bright future.

How are CBD oils made ?

Before being meticulously lined up on the shelves of a store, or on the front page of an online store, your bottles of CBD oil have had a busy journey. It is from the flowers of the Cannabis Sativa that CBD is extracted, there are different ways to achieve this, each of which has an influence on the final quality of your oils, and their price:

Extraction of CBD through a vegetable oil: Cannabidiol is extracted from the flowers through a vegetable oil, such as sesame oil, hemp oil, or olive oil. The CBD will then benefit from the nutritional quality of the oil used. This method of extraction, if it is interesting, unfortunately does not give good results, and much CBD is lost.The extraction by solvents: The flowers are drowned in various solvents (isopropyl alcohol, propane, butane, or ethanol). This method is very inexpensive, but often leaves traces of these products in the final solution. Our opinion is very unfavorable and we do not recommend buying products made from this process.Supercritical CO2 extraction: This method has been used since the early 1980s in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries to carefully extract molecules from plants. The low extraction temperature protects heat-sensitive molecules such as phytocannabinoids (CBD, CBG, etc.), and terpenes. The quality of the oil obtained by this method is fantastic, because the product is rigorously pure. This is the only method we recommend.

Which CBD to buy in France ?


Why consume CBD ?

As we have seen, cannabidiol (CBD) is a substance that is naturally found in hemp flowers. A high quality CBD oil has many health benefits. Some consumers use it to treat symptoms of all kinds, others simply to relax.

CBD & pain

A scientific study released in 2019, highlighted the pain relieving properties of CBD. Cannabidiol, was as effective as a conventional painkiller used to treat pain. The cannabidiol molecule has virtues against all forms of pain.

CBD & inflammation

Several research results have shown that CBD naturally has significant anti-inflammatory effects. These effects are very interesting for people suffering from generalized or localized inflammation, as they allow to manage muscle or joint pain effectively.

CBD & stress and anxiety

A study published in 2013, and carried out on 48 patients suffering from anxiety showed the anxiolytic effects of CBD, and this even when the dose is low.

Cannabidiol can therefore combat anxiety, and states of significant stress. Scientists believe that it could also help fight against post-traumatic stress, panic attacks, and OCD.

How to choose your CBD oils ?

You are about to buy CBD in France, either online or in a store, but you hesitate between different products (CBD oil, flowers, gums, etc.), but also on the mode of production, indoor, outdoor, or greenhouse? A purchase online with delivery, or in store? A nice promo, with an incredible price? It is sometimes difficult to find your way, but we know now that it is important to choose oils whose CBD is extracted from flowers by the method of Supercritical CO2, then here are other important criteria :

Find out where the plant comes from

To buy high-quality CBD, we recommend that you ask about the plant's provenance :

  • What country was it grown in ? Depending on the local growing code, various plant protection products may or may not be allowed.
  • What is the quality of the soil in which the plant was grown? If the soil is full of nutrients, then hemp will produce beautiful CBD-rich flowers.
  • Is it organic ? Hemp is a soil purifier, so it is very important that the products that might be used during the growth of the plant are organic, so as not to pollute the plant, and the soil.

Choose a broad spectrum product

Today in France, and in Europe, there is a multitude of CBD oils, gums, creams or balms. The CBD stores have a lot of imagination, and at the time of purchase, it is sometimes complicated to make a choice in front of all these items. Do not fall into the marketing trap by falling for a product in promotion with the sometimes doubtful origin. Always keep in mind that CBD products are broad-spectrum, so you can fully enjoy the effect of surrounding. Much sought after in herbal medicine, the entourage effect refers to the synergy of all the elements produced by the plant, cannabinoids (CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC etc.), but also terpenes and flavonoids. This set promotes the best effects of CBD.

Which CBD to buy in France ?

CBD products

In France since the legalization of the sale of CBD, we find in stores or online, all kinds of products with extremely different prices and quality, it is not easy to know which are the best. Here is our guide to find the products that are made for you :

  • CBD oil : Very popular CBD oil, is easy to use, a small graduated pipette allows you to find the recommended dosage, then you drop this amount under your tongue, leaving it on for a few minutes, before swallowing. CBD oil bottles are available in different sizes, ranging from 10 to 30 milliliters. CBD oil in bottles is very popular both in stores and online.
  • CBD gum : Here is a format of the most practical to always have CBD with you, the CBD gum, are perfect for the hard knocks, or a good whip in the day. The gum is placed in the mouth, and will gradually diffuse the CBD it contains directly against the oral mucosa.
  • The flowers of CBD : Used in infusion, or to smoke, the flowers of CBD must have a rate of THC lower than 0,2 %, not to be outlawed. The rate of CBD, in flowers, is not very concentrated, it is one of the reasons why we do not recommend them to the purchase.
  • The CBD balms : Perfect to fight against muscular pains, articular, and certain problems of skin, the balms with CBD must always be with range in the event of need, and if you do not have any more, quickly call upon your preferred online store for a fast delivery.
  • The liquid (E-liquid) : This is a CBD oil concentrate to smoke. But it is often difficult to know precisely all the components of the liquid when buying, and therefore the quality of the product. In our opinion, it is necessary to be careful when you want to buy it.
  • Etc.


With all these good tips you are ready to buy the products that will suit you best. As a reminder, when you buy by delivery or in a store, make sure to always check :

  • The amount in milligrams or grams of CBD in the product.
  • The origin of the hemp or flowers (Luxembourg, Switzerland, France, USA)
  • The nature, organic or not ?
  • The guarantees of quality indicated by the manufacturer
  • The method of extraction from the flowers
  • Is the oil broad spectrum or not ?