CBD, overweight and obesity in horses

Overweight and obesity are health problems that do not only affect humans, many animals can also suffer from it. In horses, weight problems are often overlooked, yet it is one of the main causes of poor health in these animals. Complications caused by overweight equines can be serious. We will see together what actions can be taken to help your horse regain its healthy weight, we will also see how CBD oil (cannabidiol) can help you in this process. CBD, Overweight & Obesity

What is overweight and obesity in horses ?

Overweight and obesity, is an excessive accumulation of fat in the horse's body. Veterinarians speak of obesity when the fat mass exceeds the animal's ideal weight by more than 15%. Unless you own a giant scale, it is very difficult to determine if the horse is overweight or not. For example, horses fed exclusively on hay will have a more distended belly than horses fed on grain, so appearances can be misleading. For this reason, a mathematical formula has been developed to obtain an estimate of the weight of the animal concerned. You can find these calculation tools on the National Stud page.

What are the effects of overweight or obesity in equidae ?

Overweight or obese animals are predisposed to certain diseases, affecting their daily comfort and life expectancy. Excess weight has several consequences on the health of the horse :

  • Slowing down the growth of young horses
  • Heart and Respiratory Problems
  • Exercise intolerance
  • Curves
  • Joint disorders
  • Problem of thermal regulation
  • Decreased fertility

Why do horses gain too much weight ?

In the wild, horses are very active and move around a lot. They travel great distances to feed and drink, but also to flee from predators. In addition, they are confronted with changing and sometimes harsh climatic conditions, such as in winter, when the cold is more intense and food is less abundant. Domestic horses, whether upwind or in the stall, are much less active, are more or less protected from climatic risks, and generally have a rich and abundant feed. The effects of this protection are that the horse spends less than it should, while eating a feed that is sometimes richer, or in any case available immediately.

How can you help your horse regain its healthy weight ?

Do you think your horse is overweight or obese? Make an appointment with your veterinarian, he will do a complete medical check-up of your animal, and will give you the procedure to follow so that your horse regains full health. Once the fitness weight has been determined, a calculation of the necessary caloric intake will be established. He will also recommend that you gradually increase the animal's daily physical activity.

CBD, appetite reduction, and weight loss

A few drops of CBD oil that can all change. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a molecule belonging to the cannabinoids, substances originating from industrial hemp (Cannabis Sativa), and more generally in the different kinds of cannabis (Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica, Cannabis Ruderalis). You have surely already heard about another very famous cannabinoid, THC. The THC molecule is psychotropic. The hemp oil CBD, contains no trace of THC, its marketing and consumption are legal since 2018. Indeed, CBD has an extremely interesting therapeutic potential, and is therefore the subject of many studies, including the following ones concerning our subject :

  • A 2012 study (GW Pharmaceuticals), announces that CBD (cannabidiol) significantly reduces the amount of food absorbed in animals.
  • According to other observations (Scopinho 2012, Ignatow Ska-Jankowska 2011, and Farrimond 2012) CBD has great potential in the treatment of overweight and obesity.
  • In 2010, a study shows that the effects of CBD (cannabidiol) reduce weight gain in animals and humans. (Skajankowska)