CBD and Dog Separation Anxiety

Separated from his masters

Separation anxiety is a behavioural disorder that many dog owners experience in their dogs. It occurs when the owner or a person with a very attached dog leaves. The pet then enters into great emotional suffering. Let's talk about what to do if your dog has symptoms, and how Cannabidiol (CBD) can improve your dog's life.

CBD & Dog Separation Anxiety

What is separation anxiety ?

Separation anxiety is a behavioural disorder that is considered normal in the very young dog (less than 6 months old), separated from his mother and siblings. In older dogs, however, it can quickly become a problem. The absence of the owner causes great stress in the sick dog, the effects of which can be manifested in :

  • Vocalizations, the dog barks, cries.
  • Attempts to get out, the animal frantically scratches the door or window.
  • Destruction of objects, furniture, etc.
  • Soiled, the dog does his business inside the house.
  • Loss of appetite, the dog does not touch his bowl or treats left by his master.

Separation anxiety can occur when the dog's owner leaves the house, or even simply when the dog leaves the room and the pet cannot accompany him. And if he barks, or does something stupid, it is important to understand that the dog's behaviour is not motivated by a spirit of revenge, but rather by the symptoms of his anxiety.

How does Separation Anxiety Disorder develop in dogs ?

All dogs, male or female and regardless of breed, can be affected. If the dog has been separated from its mother before weaning, or if it has been abandoned, the likelihood that it is anxious is much greater. Other reasons may also favour this behaviour, such as a move, a long absence of the master, changes in the family unit's life, for example a return to work after a long period of teleworking or unemployment, many stress situations.

How can separation anxiety be treated ?

It is entirely possible to treat anxious dogs, but patience and courage will be required. Here are 6 tips that may be useful :

  • A long walk where the dog can run and exercise will allow him to release energy before leaving him.
  • Eliminate the departure ritual. When you have to leave your home, ignore your dog 20 to 30 minutes before departure. Leave without celebrating your pet.
  • Likewise, when you return, don't celebrate with your pet. Departures and returns should be perfectly harmless moments.
  • Offer your dog toys to occupy himself in your absence, so that he can pass the time and be stimulated. Beware, the distribution of toys must not become a departure ritual. Distribute them at least 30 minutes beforehand to see if you can do more.
  • Simulate false starts in order to desensitize the dog to loneliness, but also to certain noises, or warning habits.
  • Not always responding to your pet's requests in everyday life teaches him to be more independent.


Cannabidiol (CBD) and separation anxiety in dogs

CBD is a molecule that is very popular among humans in France and elsewhere. It is notably used for its positive health effects. CBD belongs to the cannabinoid family, and is obtained from industrial hemp (Cannabis Sativa). There are other cannabinoids, one of which you probably know without even suspecting it: THC. THC is the molecule that causes psychotropic effects, and is of course prohibited. So if these 2 cannabinoids come from Cannabis, why is CBD authorized for sale? It should be understood that cannabis is a family of plants with 3 main genera:

  • Cannabis Sativa (industrial hemp) rich in CBD, very very poor in THC (less than 0.2% according to the law, then 0% in the finished product)
  • Cannabis Indica, poor in CBD, and very rich in THC
  • Cannabis Ruderalis, low in CBD and THC

And of course, Cannabidiol (CBD), unlike THC, is not psychotropic and therefore does not make you high. As for humans, the simplest solution for our pets to consume CBD is to offer it in the form of CBD oil. A few drops of CBD oil in the kibble every day, depending on the weight of the animal, is all it takes. Nothing could be simpler. CBD is perfectly indicated to relieve anxious dogs, as it has soothing effects on anxiety in both humans and animals as shown in several studies (Campos et al 2012, Elbatshet al. 2012). For example, when your dog consumes a few drops of CBD oil every day, he experiences less stress when you leave your home. And icing on the cake, his sleep will be deeper and more restful since CBD also promotes better sleep (Nicholson et al. 2004, Chagas et al. 2013).