How to use your CBD

The latest scientific studies have discovered the tremendous therapeutic potential of CBD. It has been noted that CBD acts as a fast-acting antidepressant, relieves pain, has anti-epileptic effects, kills cancer cells in certain types of cancer, and much more, as you may have read here. Now you're well informed about the effects of CBD, and you'd like to know in what form to consume it to maximize its potential? CBD oil drops, hemp flowers, e-liquid infusion, balm, capsules or candy? Difficult to find your way, so follow the guide, we will explain everything.

CBD oil



CBD (cannabidiol) is today, along with THC, the most studied cannabinoid by the scientific community. Discovered in the early 1940s from the Cannabis plant, this molecule has a structure similar to that of THC, but unlike THC, CBD has no psychotropic effect. CBD and THC both come from the Cannabis plant.Cannabis is a herbaceous plant, classified into 3 subspecies:

  • Cannabis Sativa, also called Industrial Hemp, very rich in CBD and very low in THC
  • Cannabis Indica, or recreational cannabis, low in CBD and very high in THC
  • Cannabis Ruderalis, low in both CBD and THC

The CBD oil that is consumed today is produced from Cannabis Sativa, more commonly known as industrial hemp. Because of the 3 plants of which we spoke previously, it is the only one whose culture is authorized in France, in accordance with the decrees of the Code of the public health of August 1900, then of February 2008. The varieties of hemp Sativa authorized to the culture in France and in the European Union must present a rate of THC lower than 0,2 %.

CBD oil

There are several ways to consume CBD oil, and depending on the products used, the beneficial effects of cannabidiol (CBD) will be more or less important. Indeed, it is necessary to avoid that the mode of absorption deteriorates the molecules of CBD. That's why at Kannabay we recommend CBD oil in drops, to be deposited under the tongue (sublingual route), so a greater part of the CBD will be absorbed through the mucous membranes under the tongue, before being distributed throughout the varies depending on the product, but in general, the dosage of 1 ml is recommended daily. You can divide your consumption in 2 catches, morning and evening to benefit from the effects of the oil of CBD throughout your day.