How to choose your CBD balm

Well known for its benefits in oil form, CBD is available in several products to meet all needs. To fight muscle and joint pain, or simply as a skin care product, cannabidiol in Balm is to be put in all hands. Here are our tips for choosing the CBD product that is right for you.

How to choose your CBD balm


The CBD balm

In our different articles, we have made you discover all the properties and the usefulness of CBD oil in drops. But when the problem is localized in the skin or joints, a local application can increase the effectiveness of the oil.

A balm for the body, which will give you balm to the heart

A balm is a product intended for the care of the face and the body, it differs from a cream by its fatty and thick texture. It is the fruit of a perfect mixture between several ingredients chosen with the greatest care :

  • Oils
  • Waters
  • Natural waxes
  • Butters
  • etc.

It is these ingredients that give the product its special and pleasant consistency. The balm provides the skin with many lipids, which will nourish it in depth, while participating in the support of the hydrolipidic film which protects it. The vegetable oils, like CBD (cannabidiol) for example, will bring their vitamins, and their nutrients to the skin, and in particular the very invaluable omega-3 and 6, with the antioxydant effects.

Why use a balm ?

In summer, as in winter, the skin is put to the test. Heat and cold have a destructive action that damages it, especially on exposed areas such as the face, hands and joints. The balm, that we will choose organic preferably, will have for effect to allow the skin to preserve its softness and its flexibility, thanks to the richness of its oil, and its other ingredients. The irritated skins, and wounded by the temperatures, and the climate will be comforted and repaired.

The damaged skins, and dry tend to age much more quickly, because of their brittleness, the balm is the perfect product to bring them all the benefits which they need.


Why use a CBD balm ?

The CBD balm (cannabidiol), has many qualities that will quickly make him, the ally of your skin, your joints, and your muscles.

Because yes, the properties of the CBD balm are not only aesthetic, its capacity of action and much wider than one could think.

What is the CBD ?

CBD is the abbreviation of cannabidiol. It is a molecule called cannabinoid from hemp, or cannabis (Cannabis Sativa variety). Discovered in the early sixties, CBD has known a huge popularity in the early 2020s, and since then, has not stopped growing. It is generally consumed in the form of organic oil, for its relaxing, anti-inflammatory, painkiller, and anxiolytic properties among others.

What effects does CBD in balm provide ?

If CBD used in the form of organic oil to be swallowed makes benefit all the body of its effects quoted above, its use in balm (localized action) makes it possible to target precisely certain zones of the body, like the face, the hands, the knees, the elbows or any other zone which would have need of it. CBD balms come in the same form as traditional balms and may have certain quality ingredients in common such as shea butter, beeswax, certain essential oils, spices such as turmeric, or plants such as harpagophytum or boswellia, which will be mixed with CBD oil, preferably organic. The CBD balms are recommended in different cases :

  • CBD and Acne : CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory, which can be a great help in acne care. The application of CBD will therefore reduce the inflammation of the sebaceous glands. But that's not all, since cannabidiol (CBD) has antifungal and antibacterial effects, and acne pimples are mostly due to staphylococcus Aureus, which while infecting the orifice of a hair can cause the appearance of comedones.
  • CBD and sunburn : After prolonged exposure to the sun without sunscreen, the skin can be more or less severely burned. This can lead to redness, pain and itching. CBD balms have the ability to reduce inflammation, and pain, while rehydrating the burned skin.
  • CBD and muscle soreness : After a great workout, muscles can be sore, or prone to cramping, which is why many athletes use CBD in oils and balms for better muscle recovery. CBD will help the muscles fight inflammation and rebuild stronger.
  • CBD and joint pain : It is most often due to the wear and tear of cartilage, especially in the elderly, athletes or in some workers whose joints have been particularly stressed. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory and painkilling effects, the application of CBD on the joints will relieve the suffering encountered.

As you can see, the use of CBD as a local care application on the different areas of the body in need can be very useful, as well for skin problems as for muscular or articular pains. This is the great strength of a high quality cannabidiol, its great versatility.

How to choose your CBD balm

Here are our recommendations for choosing a quality product

  • The quantity in milligrams or grams of CBD in the product.
  • The origin of the hemp (Luxembourg, Switzerland, France, USA)
  • The nature, is the product organic or not ?
  • The quality guarantees indicated by the manufacturer
  • The method of extraction from the flowers
  • Is the oil broad spectrum or not ?

Our advice for use :

We recommend that you apply a dab of the product to the area requiring care, then massage until it is completely absorbed. The balm can be applied to the face, joints (neck, shoulders, elbows, knees, etc.), and muscular parts of the body, at any time of the day, according to your needs. This hemp product is suitable for all adults and children, active or sedentary. Enjoy the benefits of CBD hemp, and relax.