The CBD to combat alcoholism

CBD & Alcohol

In the land of wine, it is not always easy to talk about alcoholism, it is only just daring to talk about excessive consumption. Yet alcohol kills about 50,000 people in France every year, barely 20,000 less than tobacco. Alcoholism has been recognized as a disease by the World Health Organization (WHO) since 1978. Let's take a look at what alcoholism is, how to cure it, and what CBD oil can do to help you get rid of alcohol.

Say stop to alcohol with the CBD

What is an alcoholic drink ?

Alcohol is a drink containing ethanol, also called ethyl alcohol. Wine, beer, brandies such as vodka or schnapps or liqueurs are among the best known alcoholic drinks. Alcohol is obtained from the fermentation of fruits, tubers or grains. Depending on the manufacturing process, a wide variety of tastes and colors can be obtained, which can contribute to the desire to consume and the development or maintenance of an addiction.

When do we speak of alcoholism ?

Ethanol is the most widely consumed substance with psychoactive effects in the world, far ahead of the THC in cannabis. Unlike cannabis, alcohol has an important place in our cultures. Its consumption can be favoured by social factors, such as a convivial context. Alcoholic products are also extremely easy to access, and at very affordable prices depending on the alcohol chosen. A person is considered to be addicted when he or she cannot do without alcohol. Drinking then becomes a necessity. Addiction can set in very slowly, over a period of months or years, before the person who drinks or his or her family and friends become aware of it. Alcohol then becomes a help in coping with everyday life, or the forgotten part of it. Little by little the body gets used to alcohol, and a larger dose is necessary to obtain the desired effects, but also to avoid withdrawal symptoms. Because if alcohol consumption is interrupted, the body is plunged into a state of withdrawal. This gives rise to anxiety, trembling, sweating, insomnia, great restlessness.

How can alcoholism be cured ?

For a long time, stopping alcohol completely and abruptly was considered the only option, which could be a brake for many patients. Today other options are being considered, such as a gradual reduction towards a complete stop or controlled consumption. Whichever option is chosen, medication can be prescribed to facilitate the process. Psychological help can be invaluable.

CBD and addiction

CBD (cannabidiol), is a molecule that is becoming more and more popular in the world of research, as well as among individuals, due to its immense therapeutic potential. CBD comes from industrial hemp (Cannabis Sativa). Contrary to THC (Cannabis Indica), CBD is not psychotropic. Cannabidiol (CBD) is therefore perfectly legal, and this, since 2018. CBD is consumed in the form of CBD oil, its use is extremely simple, and half a teaspoon of CBD oil in the morning and evening is enough to maximize its effects. Numerous studies have shown the positive effects of CBD in the treatment of addiction in several respects.

  • CBD reduces anxiety.

A study published in 2012 (Campos et al.) showed that CBD relieves anxiety in humans.

  • CBD improves the quality of sleep.

The effects of CBD (Cannabis Sativa) allow for better sleep, and prolong its duration (Chagas et al. 2013).

  • CBD reduces addiction and withdrawal.

In 2014 a study has shown that CBD modifies the subject's behaviour in relation to alcohol. But that is not all, the effects of CBD (cannabidiol) significantly reduce the risk of relapse.